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My new book! Red Kites, Apples and Blood Cells

By tabbymaz, Oct 24 2020 03:48PM

Yoga teachers love books. Indian texts, meditations, poems and stories… they give us inspiration that we can share with class members, particularly during relaxation.

During lockdown, I taught all my classes online, shared class videos and learned to do without my books. To film myself reading aloud from a book, I would need to get permission from the publisher. It seemed easier to just make up my own visualisations to use in class.

Meanwhile, each day my children and I took our permitted walks from home. We visited local woods and fields and watched Spring become Summer. I used these walks and my favourite places as inspiration for my visualisations.

Then I had the wild notion of publishing them. With all the craziness going on, why not share my relaxation scripts in the hope that they can help people through it?

Fast forward a few months, and local illustrators Ben and Steph Grandis are putting the finishing touches to a magical set of illustrations, while Sound Engineer Orry Henderson is finalising his recordings of the scripts. Our work is going to be available to buy on Amazon and iTunes soon.

Red Kites, Apples and Blood Cells is a collection of visualisations written with children in mind, but they have a soothing effect on anyone! You can order your copy here.

Ben and Steph Grandis’s prints can be ordered at

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