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Family Alpaca Yoga with the Mums and Babies at Fuzzy's Farm


When and where is this lunacy taking place?
Monday 26th July and Wednesday 11th August 2021, 10-11am, at the beautiful and tranquil Fuzzy's Farm, Pouchen End Lane, HP1 2SN
What is Alpaca Yoga?
Basically yoga in a field with Alpacas wandering around including BABY ALPACAS only a couple of months old! They don’t join in, they might sniff you. There are also chickens and geese. If they interfere too much they can be shut away.
Why attend a family yoga class?
Yoga for children and at least one responsible adult per group - we do games, partner poses and stories to inspire children and fire up their imagination so that they move their bodies and finish with a fun relaxation session.
Why attend an Alpaca Yoga class?
Get out of your comfort zone!
One of the goals of yoga is to get out of our usual modes or patterns of operating, thinking, using our bodies. These are called Samskaras which are like grooves or ruts. They can be likened to neural connections in our brains that get stronger the more you repeat a pattern or way of thinking. In a yoga class you use your body differently, creating new samskaras and ditching unhelpful thoughts and habits. In the same way we can create new neural connections through yoga and meditation and literally rewire our brains.
So let’s practice yoga in a field of Alpacas instead of in a hall or studio or on Zoom.
This class will go ahead in all but the most extreme weather as an event shelter will be provided in case of rain.